Symphony is made up of entrepreneurs and senior executives drawn from many sectors, as well as deal professionals. We are involved in the development, funding, acquisition and sale of private businesses.

We work in a collaborative way, and we structure our offering with partners and clients in the way that best suits them, not the way that's easiest for us. We are all about long term relationships based on trust and cooperation, and crucially, we're as objective as we are commercial. We'll give you a point of view that you can use, and measure.

We have a system to help do this quickly. It's called Fast Track Diagnostic (OK we admit that sounds a little jargony) and it identifies what an organisation does well and where products, services and processes could be improved.

We can help improve your financial performance now, and shape your future to be more profitable too.

Finally, our track record of doing this for companies both large and small, gives us the confidence to accept payment by results, which we are happy to discuss.

You can’t execute a turnaround without the support of management. The best ideas come from within.

Allan McLaughlin, Partner

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