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HMG has been the preferred IT / communications service provider to Symphony and Symphony clients since 2006.

In today’s world most businesses expect and rely upon a robust IT infrastructure – a bit like electricity.  However, all IT infrastructure requires maintenance, and users require uninterrupted access and functionality in order to perform their daily tasks.

Pre-emptive maintenance is one of the key factors of healthy infrastructure; however such routine monthly tasks are often the first to be dropped when internal teams are concentrating on core activities.

HMG work with Symphony to deliver high quality and best in class IT solutions for companies to provide demonstrable commercial advantage:

  • Improved Staff Morale – as a result of responsive, consistent, unbiased service
  • Network monitoring in real time in order that issues can be identified and addressed as they arise
  • Increased Network Stability
  • Increased Technical Resources - including specialist technical certifications
  • Cost savings and increased management control by connecting remote offices to a central location with standard protocols.
  • As a result Symphony clients have more time to spend on business strategies.
  • Established in 1996, HMG work with customers to provide new corporate networks, upgrade and repair of existing IT networks, and provide onsite and remote IT support.

All HMG staff are Microsoft qualified professionals and are skilled in improving corporate performance with highly reliable email solutions, advanced backup and strong antivirus and security solutions. 

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