Increasing Value

Picking the right growth strategy will increase the value of your business.

In today's constantly changing world, business managers don't always have the time or resource to proactively develop the strategic opportunities open to them.

Symphony can help you to sharpen core capabilities while seeking out and uncovering opportunities for development.

We are experts in scenario planning and modelling enabling better, faster decision making, and we measure everything and use our learning to practical effect. We can help with development funding, advise on both debt and equity funding, and help to articulate likely investor returns in a way that will stand up to the closest scrutiny.

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Protecting Value

Taking risk is fundamental to a successful business.

One of our core skills is the ability to help our clients to regain perspective, and think systematically about the future when things have not gone to plan.

In times of difficulty, our involvement with management can reassure creditors that the company is taking the necessary steps to stabilise performance through improved control of working capital.

When balance has been restored Symphony is experienced in developing operational and financial restructuring solutions that will provide the platform for recovery.

Symphony's partners have the experience to help you set the right priorities and share the burden of responsibility for the difficult choices that sometimes have to be made.

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Corporate Finance

We are  known and respected by lenders and professional firms for our financial and strategic capabilities. Together with our partners, we  deliver expert corporate finance advice and practical help in:

We also have very solid experience in raising acquisition finance, as well as facilitating refinancing in both growth and distressed situations.

In each situation Symphony understands the importance of optimising the funding structure and our independence means that we can ensure you get the best deal available by encouraging competition among finance providers.

When it comes to realising value from your investment Symphony's Shareholder Strategy Review  - "4sight" - offers a carefully tailored review of the options available to shareholders and finance providers alike. In these circumstances, we really do think that knowledge is power, so we provide all of the relevant information and intelligence to allow the most informed decision to be arrived at.

In a nutshell, 4sight provides a preliminary assessment of the market and competitive forces impacting the business and the potential financial returns to stakeholders given the internal process structure and available resource within the management team.

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Interim Management

Hands-on experience you can rely on

In certain circumstances, we can place senior executives into operational roles within companies to fulfil specialist roles, functioning as members of the management team.

Whether this is long or short term,  it comes from the same philosophy as the rest of our involvement in our clients' businesses - everything we do is about protecting and building value, working to your agenda. 

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Turning data into knowledge

Success requires knowledge and the availability of relevant and timely information can be the difference between winning and losing.

But it's not just about data. These days nearly every transaction is captured digitally yet most organisations fail to translate the huge volumes of data available into useable business knowledge. 

Symphony's iQ approach is specifically designed to use the available data in a sharper way to support better decision making.

The iQ team at Symphony is expert in identifying, compiling and analysing relevant information using readily available software tools. They are able to synthesise what is often conflicting data from multiple sources and enable simple conclusions to be drawn from it.



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